New Beat is a creative partner and agent for change making and sustainable value creation. Our mission is to encourage people in creating positive societal impact by cultural means.

ReDoMe® creative change method is the leading brand of New Beat. ReDoMe® combines art based, digital and solution focused tools for cross-discipline knowledge creation.


"They say you are supposed to find consulting irrelevant. We prove them wrong. Only because 60% of it really is irrelevant doesn't mean your work couldn't be 100% more meaningful. You shouldn't have to wait for the workin' day to be done to have fun. Find the right tune for your workday with New Beat."

ReDoMe® boosts up the creative potential of artists and multidisciplinary collaborations by engaging 100% of project participants in designing the desired change.

We lead projects, programming and business development with a network of organizations, artists and other creative professionals who share our passion for diversity, inclusion and art activism. 

"They say don't make friends with subordinates. We prove them wrong. Almost 70% of employees think their managers are above company culture. 
That their rules are different. That management is to blame. That you don't play the same tune in a same band. Until you actually do:"




New Beat team is a creative collective specialised in cultural development and sustainable change. We are proud to deliver quality in both customer experiences, program design, and unique artistic content.

We are happy to introduce a super talented group of artists within music, visual arts, media, experience & events. In collaboration with Pertti's Choice cultural productions, AIO Nordic Network and AGMA Agents & Managers in Creative Industries.


"We are passioned about big ideas and marginal voices. If you feel the same, join us!"